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At ACI Learning Tech Academy, our help doesn’t end when you finish your classes. We’ll guide through every step of the job hunt by connecting you with employers and helping you create a resume, cover letter, and online presence to outshine your competition. Ready for an IT, cyber security, or project management career you’ll love? Contact us today and we can help!
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I would definitely recommend ACI Learning Tech Academy, and here’s why. For me it was a big challenge when it comes to: Now I’ve gotten the skills, now I have the certificate. How do I go out there and sell myself to employers as a candidate they want to hire? So, ACI Learning Career Services went above and beyond. Any questions I had about a job, they were there. They were always there. They were my go-to for everything, and I think that was a huge resource. Anybody who needs help in that area would benefit as well.

Christopher Ogunsakin CompTIA Security+ Certified

Lauren Wilson’s Success Story

ACI Learning Tech Academy absolutely exceeded my expectations. It actually got me a job and got me hired, and I'm on the way to having a really lucrative IT career. They care about where I'm at, and where I want to go.

Lauren Wilson, CompTIA A+, ITIL® v4, Alum